Mobile Homes

The Lake County Tax Collector serves as an agent for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). We provide the services of titling and registering mobile homes.

In Florida, mobile homes must be titled and registered, similar to motor vehicles. However, a decal is issued rather than a license plate.


A manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO) is issued for each unit of a mobile home when it is built. For example, a triple-wide mobile home is considered three separate units. When a mobile home is initially sold, the owner must apply for a Florida certificate of title for each unit of the mobile home.


Every mobile home located in Florida, whether it is continuously occupied or not, is subject to Florida registration. Each unit must be registered and issued a decal.

Registration fees are based on the length of the mobile home and must be renewed either annually or biennially by December 31st. A delinquency fee will be charged if the registration is not renewed by the 10th of January.

Decals are required to be displayed in a window that is clearly visible from the road located in front of the home. The background color issued for an annual or biennial decal will change each year it is renewed. These decals are non-transferable.

Real Property Mobile Homes:

All mobile homes or recreational vehicles permanently affixed to land owned by the same owner will be declared as real property and issued a real property (RP) decal. These decals have a black background and do not require a yearly renewal. Real property decals are permanent and transferable to the new owner when the land and mobile home are sold together as a unit.

If you are uncertain whether your home is permanently affixed to the land, you should contact the  Property Appraiser’s office, which will make this determination. If your mobile/manufactured home is real property and not placed on the county real property tax rolls, it may result in back taxes and penalties being assessed against you; therefore, it is important to make sure your mobile/manufactured home is classified correctly.

Ownership for a real property mobile home is transferred on the certificate of title. Sales tax is not applicable as long as the land and mobile home are sold together as a unit.

Florida Statute 319.261(2) allows the owner of a real property mobile home to retire the certificate(s) of title. The owner must submit, to the Tax Collector’s office, an Application for Retirement of a Mobile Home Certificate of Title (form HSMV 82109) for each unit of the mobile home. Also, the owner must provide a photocopy of the following certified or receipted documents recorded with the Clerk of Court:

  • Original certificate(s) of title in the name of the applicant
  • Lien satisfaction(s), if applicable
  • The legal description of the real property and a copy of any lease agreements
  • A sworn statement by the owner of the real property (with Penalty of Perjury clause or notarization)

Once a mobile home title has been retired, ownership transfers are recorded on the deed of the property. The owner may re-apply for the certificate(s) of title, if necessary, should the home be removed from the property.

Mobile Home FAQ