Disabled Parking Permits

Individuals qualified to be issued the permanent/long-term parking permit must submit a completed Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit form

Florida residents applying for a disabled person parking permit must have either a current Florida Driver License or a Florida Identification Card issued by the Florida Division of Driver License. Out-of-state residents applying must present a valid driver's license or identification card issued by the state of residence or a U.S. passport as proof of identification.

Permanent/long-term permits are issued for a period of four years and expire on the disabled person’s birthday. A temporary parking permit will only be issued for the period indicated by the application; however, it may not exceed six months from the date of issuance. If the person is still disabled at the expiration of the temporary parking permit, a new application with certification is required. Out-of-state resident disabled parking permits are issued for a period of three months.

Persons eligible for a disabled person’s parking permit may choose to purchase a wheelchair license plate issued for his/her vehicle(s). The qualifying person must be listed as one of the owners of the vehicle being registered with the plate. Customers choosing this option will incur additional fees.

A disabled person's parking permit may be renewed, up to three months prior to the expiration month.

To process by mail, please send your renewal to:

David W. Jordan, Lake County Tax Collector
PO Box 268
Tavares, FL 32778