Specialty & Personalized License Plates

Specialty Plates

Florida offers a variety of specialty license plates that may be purchased for an additional fee. This additional fee is applicable at the time of the original purchase of the plate and each subsequent renewal period. There will also be an additional charge for the issuance of the initial specialty plate.

All specialty license plates are available in each regional service center location. There are no eligibility requirements for these plates and are available to all owners.

Personalized Plates

You may check personalized plate availability here prior to visiting our office.


Image of FL Plate that is personalized to say "LAKE TAX"

Owners of private or company-owned vehicles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, lease vehicles, etc., may choose to purchase a personalized license plate. Personalized license plates may be issued to any motor vehicle owner or lessee except a vehicle that requires "Restricted," "Apportioned," "Wrecker," or dual (two) truck license plates. The applicant chooses the combination of letters and/or numbers desired for the plate.

These license plates may be ordered and renewed through any of our regional service center locations. Filling out a personalized plate application form (HSMV 83043) before visiting our office will save some time. A personalized plate may be ordered at any time as long as the vehicle has been registered in Florida and the license tax has been collected for the current
registration year.

There is an additional fee associated with a personalized plate. This fee is charged with the initial order as well as each subsequent year the plate is renewed. A replacement fee may also be due when you make the initial application. Should an owner choose to personalize a specialty plate, both the personalized fee and specialty fee would be applicable when ordered and each year it is renewed.

License plates with a center design (such as a regular Florida license plate) may have up to 7 characters with additional space or hyphen. License plates with the left design may have up to 5 characters including space or hyphen. The plate will be manufactured as it is ordered. It is very important to specify on the personalized plate application form exactly what spacing is desired. The space where a character is entered on the order form is exactly where the character will be embossed on the
license plate.