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In Florida, the elected county office of Tax Collector was established as an independent unit of government by the State Constitution of 1885. Consequently, Tax Collectors are referred to as Constitutional Officers. As the chief revenue collector within the county, the Tax Collector is elected to a four-year term in the presidential election year.

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for providing a wide range of services to the citizens and taxpayers of Lake County on behalf of other governmental units, including but not limited to: the Florida Department of Revenue, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles,  Department of Health, Department of Agriculture, numerous ad valorem taxing districts, and non-ad valorem taxing districts.

These services consist primarily of the collection and administration of ad valorem taxes, non-ad valorem assessments, motor vehicle, vessel registration, and title fees, driver licenses, tourist development taxes, and concealed weapon permits.

History of Tax Collectors

David W. Jordan
David W. Jordan was appointed in November 2018 and re-elected in 2020.

Bob McKee
Bob McKee was first elected in November 1996. He was re-elected in 2000, and unopposed in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

T. Keith Hall
In January 1971, Governor Reubin Askew appointed T. Keith Hall. Mr. Hall began his career with the Lake County Tax Collector’s Office in August 1963, serving as a motor vehicle clerk. He was serving as Chief Deputy at the time of his appointment in June 1971.

Paul Reed
Paul Reed was appointed in July 1959. Mr. Reed served as Chief Deputy Tax Collector from 1941 until his appointment in 1959.

Boyce Williams
In 1924 Boyce Williams was elected Tax Collector. Mr. Williams served from January 1925 until 1941.

Pearl Cullen continued to work in the Tax Collector’s Office under Mr. William’s leadership. However, in 1941, Ms. Cullen was appointed to serve as Tax Collector for a second time. She retired from that position in July 1959.

Pearl Cullen
Mr. Long's daughter, Pearl Cullen, was appointed to fill her father’s unexpired term. She held that position until January 1925. Ms. Cullen was the first woman in the State to hold the position of Tax Collector and was also the first female Constitutional Officer in the State.

William G. Long
Following Mr. Cassaday, William G. Long was appointed in 1890. Mr. Long served until his death in 1923.

Andrew Jackson Cassaday
In 1887, the Florida Legislature formed the state political subdivision of Lake County from parts of Orange and Sumter counties, and Andrew Jackson Cassaday was appointed by the Governor to be its first Tax Collector.