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Office of the Lake County Tax Collector
320 West Main Street
Tavares, Florida 32778
Phone: 352.343.9602

In accordance with 2017-21, Laws of Florida /
§ 119, Florida Statutes


David Jordan, Tax Collector

It is an honor to serve as your Lake County Tax Collector. I would like to publicly thank Governor Scott for his confidence in confirming my position. The encouragement and sources of strength provided by my faith, family and friends, coupled with the privilege of Mr. McKee’s leadership and tutelage for 19 years have more than prepared me for this role. His dedication to mentoring our team will undoubtedly ensure the continued success of the office.

We remain diligent and focused on carrying out the fiduciary responsibilities of the office, while continuously enhancing the service levels and systems functionality which were constructed on a sound and principled foundation built by Mr. McKee.

I am committed to being a sound steward of your time and money, and I will faithfully execute the constitutional and ministerial responsibilities of the Lake County Tax Collector’s office. Please call, write or visit any of our service centers if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

David Jordan(signature)
Lake County Tax Collector

Financial Award


Each year the Tax Collector undergoes an audit by an external agency. Below are the results of those audits.

Important Dates & Events

Your Birthday

Renewal of motor vehicle license plate, which expires midnight of the owner's birthday. Renewals are accepted 90 days prior to birth month. This applies to passenger cars, recreational vehicles, vessels, light trucks under 5,000 lbs., small trailers, and motorcycles.

April 2019

  • On April 1st of each year, taxes become delinquent, resulting in the following additional charges pursuant to Florida Statute 197.172: Real Estate– 3% mandatory interest is added to the gross amount and Tangible Personal Property bears interest at the rate of 18% per year.
  • New Local Business Tax Receipts are prorated beginning April 1st; half-year fees apply.
  • Application for next year's property tax installment payment plan is due no later than April 30th.

May 2019

  • List of delinquent real estate accounts advertised once per week for three consecutive weeks in a local newspaper. Pro-rata cost of advertising and expense of tax certificate sale are applied to each delinquent account.
  • List of delinquent tangible personal property accounts advertised in a local newspaper one time. Pro-rata cost of advertising, additional interest, attorney fees, and other collection charges of at least 15% are applied to each delinquent account.
  • Tax certificate sale for delinquent real estate accounts occurs on or before June 1st.

June 2019

  • Tax warrant processing begins on delinquent tangible personal property accounts.
  • First property tax installment payment due on or before June 30th.
  • Local Business Tax Receipt renewal notices mailed.